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Alberta Education conducts research into emerging technologies and best practices in classroom technology use. Its research findings are shared within the department and with school authorities, allowing for better decisions to be made on technology implementation and teaching practices. 

Currently School Technology Branch is working on a Baseline Technology Assessment for all public, separate, Francophone and charter school authorities. 

Past research projects that Alberta Education was involved in include:

  • Promising Practices in Rural Elementary Education: Alberta Education worked with researchers and four school authorities to examine promising practices in rural schools, focusing on such topics as integration of technology to expand opportunities; inclusion of diverse learners; student, parent and community engagement; and instructional, professional and leadership practices. Teacher helping student to use tablet.
  • Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning: Alberta Education worked with 20 school authorities to investigate best practices in student use of wireless technologies in the classroom. 
  • Technology and High School Success: Alberta Education worked with 24 school authorities to explore the use of technology to improve student engagement and success in high school. 
  • Supporting Innovative Classrooms:  Alberta Education worked with 29 school authorities to research innovative practices in the areas of technology management and leadership development for the effective use of technology.


Alberta Education publishes a wide range of technology-related publications for jurisdiction technologists, school administrators, educators and parents. The most recent publications are listed first.

This is a monthly e-mail newsletter for education stakeholders produced by Alberta Education's School Technology Branch (STB). It is available for anyone interested in the use of technology in schools. Click here to view the current Tech.News edition.

Technology Briefings for School Authority Senior Leadership
Alberta Education, in consultation with the College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS), is developing a series of Technology Briefings to help school authority leadership become familiar with emerging technology trends. The first briefing, released in April 2013, aims to help superintendents and other school authority leaders prepare to make effective, well-informed decisions about Cloud Computing that will support student learning. The second briefing, released in September 2013, explores the importance of considering Digital Citizenship at the district level.

Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide (August 2012)
This guide is intended to help school authorities develop their own unique digital citizenship policy, based on the needs of their students and schools.  The guide follows the framework set out by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), that advocates educating students about appropriate online behaviour.
The online Digital Citizenship Needs Assessment Tool is also available here.

Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools (June 2012)
A province-wide community of practice developed this guide which examines the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models in schools.  It looks at the potential opportunities and benefits, as well as the considerations, risks and implications that arise when schools allow students and staff to use personally owned devices. 

iPads: What are we learning? (March 2012) )
In Fall 2011, Alberta Education hosted the one-day iPads – What are we learning? event for school authorities exploring the use of iPads in schools. This report summarizes the findings of the day and how Alberta schools are using iPads for learning.

Technology and High School Success (THSS) Final Report (2012)
This document details the research results following the implementation of this initiative. The goal of the project was to examine the use of technology to improve student engagement and success in high school.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Best Practices Guide (2011)
This guide is for IT directors and network personnel who are responsible for deploying and managing wireless related infrastructure and supporting laptops and mobile devices in the classroom.  It is focused on WLANs and associated wireless technology. All levels of IT staff at both the district and local school level can benefit from information included in this guide. The guide has been updated to reflect technological updates in wireless networks.

Evaluation of the Canadian Space Agency Tele-Learning Program (2011)
The executive summary highlights the findings of the evaluation on the Canadain Space Agency's Tele-Learning Program.

Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Final Report (2010)
The final report, following the third year of implementation, contains finding and recommendations by the researchers.

Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Year Two Research Report (2010)
The Year Two report highlights the findings from the researchers working with the Emerge  project and their recommendations.

Emerge One-to-One Laptop Learning Year One Research Report (2009)
The Year One report highlights the findings from the researchers working with the Emerge  project and their recommendations.

Learning and Technology in Alberta (1975 - 2009)
This document, prepared by Alberta Education's School Technology Branch, outlines the evolution of the use of technology in teaching and learning in Alberta.  

Wireless Networks and Safety (October 2010)
This information was prepared in October 2010 to help school authorities develop their own policies on wireless network saftety.

Excellence in IT/ICT Leadership (2008)
This study was designed to examine the nature of IT leadership in school districts that have enjoyed long-term success in this area. The characteristics of these school authorities and their IT leaders are identified and seven recommendations are included.

Videoconferencing Programs to Support Student and Educator Learning: A Summary of Final Reports (2008)
This summary was written to share the outcomes and lessons learned from the Videoconferencing Programs to Support Student and Educator Learning projects which took place in the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 school years.

Emerging Technologies in the 21st Century: A Summary of Final Reports (2008)
This summary was written to share the outcomes and lessons learned from the Emerging Technologies in the 21st Century projects which took place in the 2006/2007 school year.

Technology and High School Completion Literature Review (2007)
This literature review was prepared to provide background and research-based information to guide educators’ decision making as they strive to improve high school completion rates in Alberta through the use of technology.

SuperNet Snapshot Report (2007)
The SuperNet Snapshot examines the use of SuperNet and related technologies in Alberta schools. Click here to view the SuperNet Snapshot Executive Summary, or here to view the SuperNet Snapshot Full Report.  

E-Learning 2006 (French and English Versions)
This link goes to documents containing information on e-learning.

Technology Standards and Solutions Stakeholder Survey Data Summary (2004) (2004)
In Fall 2003, the Technology Standards and Solutions (TSS) program office conducted a survey of K–12 and post-secondary stakeholders to gather information related to eight technology standards and four technology solutions that were under consideration by Alberta Learning.  This document provides a summary of the data collected through the survey.

MLA Framework for Technology Integration in Education (1996)
This report of the MLA Implementation Team on Business Involvement and Technology Integration provides recommendations on the use of technology in education based on public consultations.

Reviewed / Updated: April 2013