Provincial Testing

Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT)

Update: Grade 6 PATs and Grade 6 SLAs

Through our conversations with stakeholder groups, we have heard that more time is needed to ensure the Grade 3 SLAs are a valuable assessment tool for teachers, parents, and students before transitioning from PATs to SLAs in Grades 6 and 9. The second year of the Grade 3 SLA pilot administration will allow further opportunities to ensure that the SLA is a valuable tool.

As such, the Grade 6 SLA pilot will be rescheduled, with a target of fall 2016 for the first administration.

As a result, the May-June 2015 and May-June 2016 Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Tests will be a regular, full administration across the province.


This section contains information for students, parents, teachers and administrators concerning Achievement tests in grades 6 and 9.

General Information Bulletin
This bulletin contains: testing information, schedules and significant dates in the school year; policies and procedures on such things as security, registration of students, administration procedures, plus many more; forms and samples and registration information; and marks and reporting of the results.

Subject Bulletins
Subject bulletins are produced in all the grades 6 and 9 achievement testing subjects. The purpose of subject bulletins is to provide students and teachers with information about the achievement tests scheduled for each school year. Please share the contents of these bulletins, particularly the sample questions, writing assignments, and scoring criteria, with students. 

Assessment Highlights
Assessment highlights provide information about the overall test, the test blueprints, and student performance on  Achievement Tests. 

Released Materials
Released test items, which contained approximately 25% of the total number of test items from previously secured achievement tests, were mailed to school administrators each fall from 2004 to 2006 and have been made available to teachers in only print form because of copyright limitations.  

Examples of the Standards for Students' Writing
These documents contain examples of student writing that meet or exceed the acceptable standard for student achievement. 

Quest A+
Quest A+ is Alberta Education's digital testing solution.  This application contains released tests for various subjects.  Quest A+ can be accessed from For more information regarding Quest A+, contact Pascal Couture, Team Leader, Digital Systems and Services at at Assessment Sector or call (780) 422-0724. 

Frequently Asked Questions
This section is a quick reference for finding information regarding achievement tests.

Additional Resources
This section provides resources such as the Toolkit for Staff, Teacher Involvment resources, Teacher Guides and Scoring Guides.

Parent Guides
In May and June, students in grade 6 and 9 will write the provincial achievement testing. These Parent Guides give details on the achievement tests and the curriculum details for each subject area.

June Reporting of Grade 6/9 Provincial Achievement Test Results
On July 10, 2007, the Deputy Minister of Education, Keray Henke, sent an e-mail to all Alberta school superintendents informing them of the decision to implement universal reporting of preliminary scores for the multiple-choice component of the grades 6 and 9 achievement tests to parents, starting in June 2008 and continuing indefinitely.  Principals of elementary and junior high schools were given further information about this in a letter dated November 27, 2007.

Learner Assessment is providing various supports to make this task easier.  First, to assist in scoring the various achievement tests, a scoring overlay will be provided to use with the answer sheet.  Second, a template for reporting the scores to parents (for optional use) will be made available via the secure extranet site by the middle of January, for schools who wish to use it.  If your school has already developed a means of reporting preliminary results, you may continue to use it, if you prefer.  If you require technical support while accessing the template on the extranet, please e-mail  If you have other questions, please contact Sean Wells, Director of Achievement Testing at (780) 427-0010 (for a toll-free connection dial 310-0000 first).

Guide to the Preliminary Reporting of Machine Scored PATs