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New School Capital Projects


Addressing the shortage of schools in Alberta is a key aspect of our government’s mandate for education. In fall 2014, the Government of Alberta committed $263.2 million in funding, over two years, for school projects across the province. This includes funding for 12 new starter schools, dozens of modular classrooms, as well as funding for the planning and design of 55 new and expanded schools, and for planning 20 modernized schools. It also includes an increase to infrastructure and maintenance funding to help school boards address their most pressing deferred maintenance needs.

The new school projects and modernizations were selected through a comprehensive assessment of various factors including school boards’ priorities, health and safety of students and staff, enrolment projections, current utilization, facility conditions and capacity for program delivery.

Moving forward, the government will continue to work closely with local school boards and stakeholders to explore potential community partnerships and innovative ways of maximizing the use of existing and new school space.

55 New School or Additions, 20 Modernizations or Replacements - Map

Starter Schools and Modular Classrooms - Map


In 2013/14, the Government of Alberta committed to constructing 50 new schools and modernizing another 70 existing facilities, with an estimated total investment of over $2 billion.

All of these projects are now underway and most are expected to be completed in 2016. Work on each project began immediately following the project’s announcement, and several projects have broken ground.  The rest of the 50/70 projects are in various stages of planning and design. Getting “shovels in the ground” is just one step in the process. There are many other critical steps that have to take place first, such as geotechnical investigations, schematic designs, stakeholder consultations, procurement/tendering/contracting, and permitting.

50 New Schools or Additions, 70 Modernizations or Replacements - Map


In 2011, $550 million was directed towards 35 school capital projects. This group of 35 projects included 22 new schools across high-growth areas of the province, as well as the modernization of 13 existing schools. Most of these schools opened in the fall of 2014. 

35 Projects Approved in 2011 - Map

For information on the current status of school infrastructure projects, please visit Alberta Infrastructure.

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