Preparing for Diploma Exams

Diploma Examination Rewrites

All students must be pre-registered and prepaid to rewrite a diploma examination. There is a $26.25 non-refundable processing fee ($50.00 for unfunded visiting students) for each diploma examination rewrite registration. This fee applies whether or not the student is retaking the course. A student is considered to be rewriting a diploma examination if they have previously written that diploma examination any time during the current or two previous school years.

For more information about rewriting diploma examinations see the General Information Bulletin.


To register for a diploma examination rewrite online you must have:

  • your Alberta Student Number,
  • an Alberta Education Login ID (you will be given the opportunity to register for a Login ID),
  • completed high school credit courses or GED equivalency courses in Alberta,
  • provided a daytime phone number where Alberta Education can contact you,
  • a valid address on file with Alberta Education,
  • a valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Online Diploma Examination Registration and Payment

Mail or In Person

To register for a Diploma Examination Rewrite by mail or in person complete the Diploma Examination Registration and/or Rewrite Fee Form.

Submit the completed Diploma Examination Registration and/or Rewrite Fee form along with exact payment to the address indicated on the form. Incomplete requests will not be processed. Requests that do not include exact payment will not be processed.

Payment Methods

  • Online - Visa or MasterCard
  • In Person - Cheque, Cash, Debit, Money Order, Visa, or MasterCard
  • By Mail - Cheque or Money Order


  • Make cheques or money orders payable to Government of Alberta.
  • Only cheques or money orders in Canadian dollars (CAD) are accepted.
  • Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Exact payment is required to process all requests.
  • Requests for documents and payments will not be taken over the telephone.
  • Credit cards are only accepted online or in person.
  • Faxed rewrite registrations are not accepted.