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Personalized Learning

Personalized LearningPersonalized learning is a broadly-defined term that is moving to the forefront of educational reform efforts across Canada and around the world.  In Alberta, the Ministry of Education’s 2010-2013 Business Plan describes the intent to “support a flexible approach to enable learning any time, any place and at any pace, facilitated by increased access to learning technologies (p. 70).”   In the recommendations from Inspiring Action on Education (2010), personalized learning means that…”students have access to a greater variety of learning experiences that include and extend beyond traditional education settings and benefit from increased community involvement in their learning (p. 14)”. 

Personalizing learning is not really new to the skilled practice of teaching.  Teachers who use instructional strategies related to assessment for learning and differentiated instruction already are tailoring instruction to individual students’ learning needs, interests and learning styles.  But when strategies are paced to learning needs and coupled with technology as a means of providing more flexible learning opportunities, the learning becomes even more personalized.  This flexible, student-centered approach may include teacher advisors and multiple teachers for each student, non-graded levels, online learning, blended learning, project-based learning, community involvement, competency-based assessment, and other elements. 

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