Math: It’s everywhere.
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Everybody uses math whether they realize it or not.  Like reading and writing, a solid understanding of mathematics is essential for everyday living and in the workplace. 

Mathematical skills help us to shop wisely, buy the right insurance, remodel a home, interpret statistics, understand population growth, calculate travel distances and so much more. 

Through mathematics we develop numeracy, reasoning, thinking and problem solving skills. These skills are valued not only in science, business, trades and technology, but in other areas like fine arts, music and sports.

More than ever, Alberta students need a strong grounding in mathematics to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to be successful in their futures.

Alberta’s revised mathematics program

Alberta is recognized worldwide as a leader in the development of quality curriculum. The revised Kindergarten to Grade 12 mathematics program maintains this standard by integrating current research, developments and trends in mathematics learning and teaching.

The revised mathematics programs of study were developed in collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, business representatives, post-secondary institutions and others to ensure they meet the needs of Alberta students.

Alberta Education began to roll out the revised mathematics curriculum, province-wide, through a staggered implementation schedule to ease the transition on students, teachers and school jurisdictions as well publishers who provide learning resources.

The revised program was approved by the Minister of Education in April 2007 for implementation according to the following schedule:








K, 1, 4, 7

2, 5, 8

3, 6, 9,10



Finding information about mathematics

We have organized our web pages into three groups, students, parents and educators, with relevant information about the revised mathematics curriculum that we hope you find useful


Information for Students


Information for Parents


Information for Educators