Teaching Resources

Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Current Services and Resource Access

In support of students with visual impairments or perceptual disabilities, Alberta Education provides loans of alternate format resources (Braille, audio, e-text and large print), learning kits, student equipment and professional resources.  Auditory versions of learning resources for students who cannot effectively use conventional print materials because of perceptual disabilities are also available.

Alberta Education provides access to Education Standing Offers and provincial licensing for Adobe and Microsoft products for Alberta school authorities.  These services provide access to technology products at reduced costs.

A list of approved curriculum resources is available with information on the publishers, suppliers or vendors who provide these resources. Click on the Resources link to obtain more information on all current services and ways to access these resources.

100 Years of Service

In 1914, the School Libraries Branch was established and a list of authorized textbooks were approved. The School Libraries Branch began developing business connections with leading publishers in Canada, Great Britain and the United States.  They were able to purchase text books for reduced costs by buying large quantities and passed these savings on to schools.

Over the 100 years of service to Alberta schools, the branch went through a number of  changes to the name and the services provided.  In the beginning, the resources were textbooks for K-12 students.  As time passed, the mandate expanded to include resources for teachers, correspondence school materials, textbook rental program, specialty items (exams, government publications), materials for students with visually impairments and licensing and education standing offers for technology products These changes came in response to the changing needs of students and teachers.  For a short time, the branch even operated the SAIT and NAIT bookstores.

In March 2013, the decision was made to transition away from the warehousing and distributing service provided by the branch, now known as the Learning Resources Centre.  The change in services was in line with Inspiring Education’s vision for 21st Century learning and the changing needs of Curriculum Redesign.  Like many education systems around the world, Alberta Education saw the demand for digital resources grow and decided to look at ways to support students and teachers in their shift to digital learning. 

The Learning Resources Centre began a year-long process to close out the warehouse and deal with remaining inventory in a systematic, responsible and cost-effective way.  By March 2014, the Learning Resources Centre transition was complete.