Professional Development

Individual Teacher Bursary - French Language

2013-2014 Bursary

The Individual Teacher Bursary Program is funded by Canadian Heritage under the Alberta - Canada Agreements for Minority-Language Education and Second Language Instruction and is managed by Alberta Education.

The current 2009-2013 agreement came to term this past March 2013. Alberta Education is engaged in negotiations with Canadian Heritage to establish the 2013-2018 agreement.  As such, the Individual Teacher Bursary Program cannot be made available prior to having this agreement in place.

Further related information will be available pending the anticipated approval of the new agreement.

Only, once the agreement is in place and funding is confirmed:

  • The Individual Teacher Bursary application will be posted online and Alberta Education’s Official Languages in Education Programs office will accept applications.
  • As well, Alberta Education will provide reimbursements for eligible professional development that took place starting in July 2013.

2012-2013 Bursary

Please note that all funding for the 2012-2013 Individual Teacher Bursary has been allocated. As a result, applications are no longer being accepted. Previously-approved bursary recipients may, however, submit their requests for reimbursement until December 31, 2013. The reimbursement form is available at: Reimbursement 2012-2013.