Funding and Accountability

Alberta invests significantly in education. Find details about overall provincial spending on education, education funding rates, education property taxes, ministry and school jurisdictions' audited financial statements.

Accountability Pillar
The Accountability Pillar of the Renewed Funding Framework was developed to assess school jurisdiction performance on a common set of measures.

Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI)
The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement provides funding, above and beyond basic school grants, to all school authorities in the province. This funding flows to specific local initiatives and research. The goal of the initiative is to improve student learning and performance.
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Audited Financial Statements
Audited financial statements for the department, the latest 4 years of audited financial statements for each school jurisdiction in the province, the provincial roll-up of the combined financial statements, and summary financial reports by school jurisdiction.

Funding Booklet
A quick reference guide and overview of K -12 Education Funding in Alberta.

Funding Manual
A manual to assist school jurisdictions, charter schools, accredited funded private schools and private ECS operators in accessing and understand the funding available from Alberta Education. The manual provides details on funding formulas, funding rates, criteria and reporting requirements that apply to each type of funding, as well as any applicable funding application forms.

Funding Rates for ECS to Grade 12 2009/2010 & 2008/2009 school years
For School Jurisdictions, Private ECS Operators and Private Schools

Fuel Price Contingency Program – will be reinstated beginning in September 2011. This program will provide funding to school jurisdictions and provide cost certainty when fuel prices exceed $0.60/litre.  Based on an estimated average diesel price of $1.10/litre, this program will provide approximately $18 million for the 2011/2012 school year.  The reinstatement of this program will alleviate the challenges of fuel cost instability.  (Note: Funding Manual and related documents to be updated by September 2011.)

Federal Funds
Learn more about the new funding to support minority-language education and second official-language instruction.

Education Property Tax
The Alberta School Foundation Fund is the regulated fund into which all money raised through education property taxes is placed.

School Facilities
Alberta Education works with Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation to manage provincial school facilities capital programs, policies and regulations.

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