Funding Manuals for School Authorities

2015/2016 Funding Manual


The Funding Manual will assist school jurisdictions, charter schools, accredited funded private schools and private ECS operators in accessing and understanding Alberta Education funding. The Manual provides details on the funding available for the 2015/2016 school year including applicable formulas, funding rates, criteria and reporting requirements. Funding from Alberta Education supports the provision of approved education programs for students and children in ECS to Grade 12. 

The complete Funding Manual is available in PDF for viewing or printing. Please see the Summary of Significant Changes on pages 3-4 (or the separate PDF link below) for information on what significant content changes were made.

If you wish to view and/or print specific sections or pages, you should open up the PDF and go the Table of Contents on pages 5-7 to locate the page # of the section you are looking for.  Then either enter the page numbers at the top of the PDF, or use the Bookmark function from the left hand menu of the PDF to go to the page or section you want to view and/or print. When printing the entire manual, remember to set your printer to double-sided printing in order to minimize the size of the document.

Funding application forms are available in electronic format on the Extranet at  Please note that in order to access these forms you must have an Extranet ID and your Secretary-Treasurer must have given authorization to the Help Desk for you to access these forms.  Only the Secretary-Treasurer may submit these funding application forms.

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