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School Board Trustee Elections

On October 21, 2013, as part of the municipal elections, Albertans will also be voting for their school board trustees. The following document contains important information regarding election procedures, forms and regulations for school districts/authorities. The entire procedure handbook is available online and all forms are in electronic format to allow you to access only the ones you need.

School Board Elections Information Package 2013 Edition (5.10 MB)

This document contains the instructions and forms that are available for download in a single file. If you want to choose portions of the handbook or specific forms please see the section below.

Get only the sections you want

The following files are sections of the handbook, forms and regulations. They are available individually to allow you to download only those items that you require if you don't need the entire handbook.

School Board Elections Information Package 2013 Edition - without forms (184 KB)

Look here for a copy of the Local Authorities Election Act or the School Act.

Prescribed Forms for School Boards 

Prescribed Forms for Francophone Regional authorities 

Reporting Forms 

Optional Forms