Supporting Every Student

What's New

Inclusive Education Policy — Education’s mission to continue providing inclusive learning opportunities is evidenced in a newly developed Inclusive Education Policy. This policy is effective the first day of the 2015-16 school year as defined by the school authority. It will provide guidance and inspiration for school authorities and government to create a shared vision of inclusive education. For more information visit the Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12, page 25

Alberta’s Plan for Promoting Healthy Relationships and Preventing Bullying
Everyone has a role in promoting healthy relationships and preventing bullying – in our schools, communities and workplaces.
Government has released its Plan for Promoting Healthy Relationships and Preventing Bullying, which takes a comprehensive approach to supporting healthy relationships across the lifespan.
Watch Alberta Education’s new Inclusive Education Video Series to learn more about inclusive education topics, including Valuing All Students; Changing How We Talk about Disabilities; and Using A Positive Behaviour Approach to Support Learning. Each of the nine videos comes with a Conversation Guide.
Educational Change and Leadership: A New PD Resource
Learn more about how and why technology is essential for helping 21st century learners achieve academic success. In these nine video clips, Dr. Dave Edyburn discusses the implications and challenges of technology and educational change.

GSAs/QSAs and Starting a GSA/QSA in Your SchoolThese tip sheets provide information on Gay-Straight or Queer-Straight Alliances (GSAs/QSAs), which are school-based groups that promote welcoming, caring, respectful safe and inclusive learning environments for sexual and gender minority students and their allies.

Indicators of Inclusive Schools: Continuing the Conversation
A new resource that offers information and tools that leaders can use to support schools and school systems reflect on how their schools are demonstrating a commitment to inclusive education. It also is a resource that assists school staffs to develop strategies and action plans to strengthen inclusive education and ensure equitable access for all learners.

Meeting the learning needs of students by responding to their interests, learning preferences, strengths and needs. See more.

Providing strategies, tools and learning and teaching resources to support teachers in meeting the diverse learning needs of students. See more.

Providing information and resources to support meaningful parent engagement. See more.

Supporting student success through collaborative practices and partnerships. See more.

Creating a culture of caring in a positive, respectful and safe learning environment. See more.

Facilitating and promoting student success through effective leadership practices. See more.

Education Supports Sector
The sector works collaboratively with Alberta Education ministry partners, stakeholders and clients to:
  • promote inclusive, equitable access to an education for every learner
  • develop ministry initiatives and provide strategic advice to assist school authorities, stakeholders and ministry partners in providing quality learning environments to ensure that Alberta’s children and youth are safe, healthy and successful at learning
  • provide advice and support to the minister.

Click here for contact information for the sector’s three branches.