Special Education Funding

Severe Disabilities Funding for Private and Charter Schools

The Special Education Coding Criteria, the Handbook for the Identification and Review of Students with Severe Disabilities and the Critères relatifs aux codes en adaptation scolaire are now available to school authority staff via the Extranet. The Student Monitoring Form in MS-Word format is also available via the Extranet. In order to access the Extranet website, go to https://phoenix.edc.gov.ab.ca/login/default2.asp .

Designated Special Education Private Schools

A Designated Special Education Private School (DSEPS) is a private school given special approval and funding by Alberta Education to serve students diagnosed with mild, moderate or severe disabilities. Funding guidelines for DSEPS are included in the Funding Manual. The Funding Manual glossary contains a list of DSEPS.

Early Childhood Services Program Unit Funding

Alberta Education's Program Unit Funding (PUF) and Human Services' Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) are implementing a Common Approach to provide integrated programming and services for eligible preschool children with severe disabilities and their families. For information about ECS Programs for children with special needs and PUF please see ECS Fact Sheets and the Funding Manual for School Authorities.