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Learning and Technology Policy Framework


The Learning and Technology Policy Framework (2013) is a major step towards realizing one of the four policy shifts identified by Inspiring Education. Policy Shift 4: Technology to Support the Creation and Sharing of Knowledge is critical to achieving the vision of supporting students to become engaged thinkers and ethical citizens, with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

When digital technology first emerged as a classroom resource, it was primarily a tool for teachers to present information and to communicate with students and parents.  Policy Shift 4 describes the need to move towards classrooms in which students, themselves, are using technology to support their learning. 

As Inspiring Education describes it, “Ultimately, the power of technology should be harnessed to support innovation and discovery, not simply to aid teaching.  We need to engage learners to use these new technologies as designers and creators of knowledge.” 


Learning and Technology Policy Framework (2013)

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Part 1 (Introduction to Alberta's Learning and Technology Policy Framework)
Part 2 (Perspectives on Students Learning with Technology)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a policy framework?

A policy framework describes a common vision and set of values that will be used to inform decisions and set policy at all levels.  It is more enabling than prescriptive. It enables effective decision-making to address learning and technology policies, practices, and outcomes, and it enables a common foundation to evaluate and report progress toward achieving the desired outcomes.

How will the  policy framework impact the student?

The  Learning and Technology Policy Framework re-enforces Inspiring Education’s emphasis on putting the student at the centre of decision-making.  Some classrooms have already made great strides in adopting a student-centred learning philosophy, while others require more assistance.  The updated policy framework provides guidance and rationale for making decisions that support this shift.

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