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Diploma Examinations


As of September 1, 2015 diploma exam weighting will shift from a 50/50 weighting to a 70/30 weighting where school-awarded grades will be worth 70 per cent. Diploma Weighting Q&As.

This section contains information for students, parents, teachers and administrators concerning Diploma Examinations for Grade 12 students.

Diploma Exams - Information for Students
Are you planning to write a diploma exam and need more information? This bulletin provides details on registration, rewriting diploma exams, exam schedules and much more.

Diploma General Information Bulletin
This bulletin contains: information on examination schedules and significant dates in the school year; policies and procedures on such things as security, registration on walk-in students, administration procedures, plus many more; forms and samples and registration information; and marks, results and appeals.

Information Bulletins
Information bulletins are produced in all the grade 12 diploma examination subjects. The purpose of information bulletins is to provide students and teachers with information about the diploma examinations scheduled for the school year. Please share the contents of these bulletins, particularly the sample questions, writing assignments, and scoring criteria, with students.

Assessment Highlights
These reports, written by the Examination Managers, are intended to provide classroom teachers with information and commentary about student strengths and weaknesses at the provincial level, as demonstrated on the January and June diploma examinations. Assessment Highlights replace the former Examination Managers Reports and are best used in conjunction with school and/or school authority reports along with the classroom teacher’s knowledge of students’ abilities displayed during the school year. By reviewing students’ strengths and weaknesses on past diploma examinations, it may be possible for classroom teachers to modify their instructional programs for the purpose of fostering student learning.

Released Materials
In each document, the intended audience is identified, the source of the items is provided, and possible methods of use are described.

Examples of the Standards for Students' Writing
The written responses are examples of diploma examination writings. These example responses are taken from the Diploma Examinations. Along with the commentaries that accompany them, they should help you and your students to understand the standards for diploma examination writing in relation to the scoring criteria.

Quest A+ 
This application contains released tests for various subjects.  Quest A+ can be accessed from For more information regarding Quest A+, contact Pascal Couture, Team Leader, Digital Systems and Services at at the Provincial Assessment Sector or call (780) 422-0724. 

Guides for Students
The guides have been prepared by members of Alberta Education's Provincial Assessment Sector. These individuals develop the examinations and have first-hand experience assessing thousands of examinations written by high school students each year. The purpose of the guides is to provide students with information that will increase the likelihood of their success in the examination.

Diploma Exams - Information for Parents
Is your son or daughter writing a diploma exam soon? Here is some helpful information.

Initiative to Maintain Consistent Standards on Diploma Examinations
View information about Alberta Education's initiative to maintain consistent standards over time on diploma examinations.

Teacher Involvement
This section provides information about teacher participation in marking and other activities related to the diploma examinations.

Additional Resources

Data Booklets contain numerical and scientific data required for diploma examinations.

 Biology 30  Chemistry 30  Science 30  Physics 30  

The Chemistry Data Booklets for use with the Alberta Program of Studies for Chemistry can be found at the Alberta Queen’s Printer webpage.  You can search by title/keyword by accessing the Laws Online/Catalogue tab.

Scoring Guides for humanities Part A: Written Response diploma examination assignments.

Teachers may use these projects as part of the assessment of their students.