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Initiatives, Projects and Reviews

Current or recent ministry initiatives, projects, reviews and special reports listed within this section: 

New Ministerial Order on Student Learning will further strengthen Kindergarten to Grade 12 education in Alberta by outlining the goals and standards for student learning—with the primary focus on a learner-centred system to support students in developing competencies needed to be engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Report to the Minister: Calgary Board of Education Fee Review Decision
A Review Committee was appointed to assist in the review of the decisions by the Calgary Board of Education related to the amount and payment of fees or costs assessed to an individual Albertan for the 2012/2013 school year.

Curriculum Redesign
Curriculum Redesign is a project aimed at ensuring Alberta's curriculum remains responsive and relevant for students. This project reflects the province's commitment to continually improve its work in providing a world-class, student-centred curriculum for students now and in the future.

Task Force for Teaching Excellence
The Task Force for Teaching Excellence was established by the Minister of Education to make recommendations operationalizing guiding principles and policy shifts from
Inspiring Education, Alberta’s vision for the education system.

Inspiring Education: A Dialogue with Albertans was a unique public dialogue to shape the future of education in Alberta. The project was led by a 22-member Steering Committee co-chaired by MLA Jeff Johnson and Edmonton teacher Brent McDonough.  The Steering Committee report presents a vision for education to the year 2030 and presents the bold and courageous thinking of Albertans about how to position our education system for success in 2030.

Capital Planning
Alberta’s more than 1,500 school buildings provide the learning environment for nearly 600,000 ECS-12 students. It is here that students are developing into the leaders of tomorrow, with the support of our excellent teachers and school staffs. That’s why investment in school facilities is a priority for the Government of Alberta.

Class Size is Important
In 2004, the government responded to Alberta’s Commission on Learning recommendation and moved ahead to provide funding to school jurisdictions to achieve the recommended class size averages. Significant investments have been made since the original announcement.

Distance Education
The future of learning outside of traditional classrooms is bright, and Alberta is preparing for the upcoming shifts in distance education.

Locally Developed Courses
LDCs are developed and authorized by school authorities to provide their students with learning opportunities that complement provincially authorized programs.

Northland School Division Community Engagement Report
Government is taking action to help ensure a positive future for the students of Northland School Division and has released the Northland School Division Community Engagement Report and government’s response to the recommendations of the Northland School Division Inquiry Team Report.

Research and Innovation in Education
Alberta Education’s Research Branch conducts, supports, and shares research to support innovation and meet the needs of Alberta’s education system.

School Library Services Initiative (SLSI)
Alberta Education has established a School Library Services Initiative (SLSI) focused on reviewing K–12 school library services and support resource(s) across the province.

Additional initiatives, projects and reviews found in other sections:

Alberta Children and Youth Initiative
The goal of the Alberta Children and Youth Initiative is to ensure that the province's children will be well cared for, safe, healthy and successful at learning. This cross-departmental effort is addressing key issues like fetal alcohol syndrome and children's mental health.

Bullying Prevention in Alberta
Learn more about Alberta's Bullying Prevention Strategy, part of the Safe and Caring Schools Initiative.

High School Completion 
The Alberta High School Completion Framework addresses the challenges students face in finishing high school and helps ensure all students are given the opportunity to succeed.

Seeking Solutions: Report to the Minister of Education on the Teachers' Unfunded Pension Liability
Report by the Task Force on the Teachers' Unfunded Pension Liability.

Success in School for Children and Youth in Care - Provincial Protocol Framework 
A cross-ministry project to support improved school outcomes and high school completion rates for children and youth in care.

Vision Education Alberta 
Students with Vision Loss Initiative is a three-year project with the goal of providing strong support to Alberta students who are blind or have low vision.

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