Personnel administratif – Handbook for French Immersion Administrators

Secondary Level

Conditions for Educational Success

French Immersion at the Secondary Level

While to the unilingual observer French immersion students may appear quite proficient in French by the end of Grade 6 or 9, continuing French immersion through Grade 12 is essential if they are to achieve the goals of the French immersion program.

The aim of French immersion at the secondary level is to further the students’ French language competencies in keeping with their intellectual, social and emotional development. A French immersion program at the secondary level should offer:

  • at least 40% instructional time in French;
  • in a semestered environment, some courses taught in French in each semester, so that students are exposed to and use French continually;
  • in addition to FLA, a variety of language-rich courses taught in French;
  • a good supply of age-appropriate, subject-oriented reference materials in a variety of media, as well as suitable materials for leisure reading.

The Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) has developed a French immersion website. ADLC offers students every opportunity to pursue their studies in French immersion in their current school setting. ADLC offers courses in Science, Mathematics, French Language Arts, Social Studies, and CALM as well as CTS courses, Psychology, Forensics, and Art.

Secondary schools should also be promoting and assisting students to explore opportunities for study in French beyond Grade 12.