Personnel administratif – Handbook for French Immersion Administrators

Newly Hired Staff

Providing School Leadership for French Immersion

Supporting Newly Hired Staff

Before beginning the task of supervising newly hired teachers, administrators should ensure that necessary supports are in place. Activities and strategies that are at once welcoming and supportive will go a long way to ensuring that newly recruited teachers settle in and plan to stay.

New immersion teachers, especially those from Quebec or francophone countries, would benefit from:

  • a welcoming and supportive environment:
    • social events to integrate them into the school and community;
    • professional support (jurisdiction staff, a mentor or buddy);
    • assistance with finding appropriate housing;
    • information on the community’s values and attitudes.
  • vital information and documentation about the school district:
    • payroll and benefits;
    • teacher certification;
    • mentoring opportunities at the district level.
  • vital information and documentation about the school:
    • school handbook;
    • school routines;
    • school’s three-year education plan;
    • school’s report card.
  • access to the resources that will allow them to meet the learning outcomes of the curricula:
  • knowledge of support systems in place to meet the needs or special needs of all students in French immersion classrooms:
    • school support team;
    • materials;
    • divisional resources (human and financial).

Several Web sites address the needs of French immersion teachers. Encourage your teachers to explore the following: