Our Education System

Fees and Fundraising

School Fees

The School Act allows for certain fees to be collected for alternative programs, copies of student records, early childhood services, transportation fees, continuing education, instructional supplies and materials.

Local school boards determine school fees or, school principals can establish fees in consultation with the school council and within policy guidelines established by the school board.

Fees may be charged for supplies and materials provided for the student's personal use or consumption. The fees charged are usually on a cost recovery basis and may include:

  • Calculators
  • Locker rentals
  • Student planners
  • Exercise books
  • Computer diskettes
  • Writing tools


Fundraising has always been used by schools to provide extra services and activities, such as additional playground equipment, field trips and sports uniforms. Fundraising is used for the extras that parents and staff want for their schools. Fundraising should not be used to raise money for core items. All fundraising activities should be consistent with local school board policy.

Boards should be advising parents on what fees or fundraising projects are for, and what the schools will be doing with any surplus funds that are generated.

Alberta School Board Association's Policy Advisories

The Alberta School Board Association's policy advisories outline points that school boards may wish to consider when drafting policies concerning school fees and fundraising.