Role of Parents

Parents play an important role in the education of their children. Their involvement and encouragement can help a child excel. Alberta Education encourages parents to take an active role in the education of their children and provides resources to support their involvement.

Keeping Kids Safe
How you can help prevent bullying.

Working Together to Resolve Differences
How to resolve issues related to your child and their school.

Working Together: Review by the Minister
After the local appeal procedure has been completed, the Minister may decide to review a board decision but only in certain categories.

Respecting Parental Choice
The Government of Alberta believes parents have a right and a responsibility to make decisions respecting the education of their children. Parents should be aware that on September 1, 2010, Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act came into effect. This section deals with notifying parents when their child will be receiving instruction that includes subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion, human sexuality or sexual orientation. When parents are notified of such, they have the right to request that their child be exempted from that instruction without academic penalty.

The obligations of teachers, schools and boards in relation to the Alberta Human Rights Act are outlined in The Guide to Education. The information in the Guide that relates to Section 11.1 can be found here.

We have also prepared a set of questions and responses that should be of interest to teachers, parents and students. 

A complete copy of the Guide to Education can be found here.

My Child’s Learning: a Parent Resource
My Child’s Learning: a Parent Resource provides an excellent overview of the curriculum and can assist parents in participating in their child’s education by fostering an understanding of what students learn at each grade level.

Working Together: Special Needs Tribunal
If a school board decides that a student has special needs that cannot be met in an education program that the board can provide, or to which the board can direct the student, the board will refer the matter to a Special Needs Tribunal.

Working Together: Attendance Board
When a student who is under 16 years of age fails to attend school as required by law, the school board may ask for a panel of the Attendance Board to deal with the matter.

School Councils
Information on how parents and community members can get involved in local schools.

Tips for Parents
Find useful information on such topics as: preparing your child for the first day of school, helping with homework, and getting your child prepared for high school, post-secondary and the world of work.

Resources for Parents
Information and strategies to support learning which address specific student needs.
A website where students and their parents can access online multimedia learning resources to help with homework.
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Planning for Post-Secondary Studies
Resources for parents of students transitioning into junior high, senior high, and post-secondary studies.
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