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Create a Game - Outcome A (10-30)-11

Organize the students into groups and give them class time to invent, change, or add to a game they have been playing.

Encourage the students to consider what would make the game more fun, challenging or fair. Some examples are changes to the ball type, the boundaries, the goals, or the ways that points are scored. Ask the students to think about how these changes would make the game better.

Criteria for Creating a Game

Have each group create a new game and teach it to another group. Both groups then play this version of the game and decide if more modifications should be made.

The same process applies for the second group teaching their game to the first group.

Each group provides a written version or poster of their game, as well as a catchy name for their new game.

Each group then teaches their version of the game and the rest of the class plays it for a short period of time. The class should have an opportunity to provide feedback to the game’s creators.

Sample questions could include:

  • Was the game fun? Why or why not?
  • What would you change, and why?
  • What was the best thing about this new game? Why?

This activity can be used following any type of game.

Have the students come up with a new game using a combination of any games they already know. Allow a half class for each group to set up and teach their game.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students show consideration of others’ ability levels while creating their games.

Students complete the written description or poster.

Students successfully participate in the games led by other groups.

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