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Scarf Juggling - Outcome A (K-3)-13

Juggling with Scarves

Have the children juggle with scarves first, as they are easier to control than balls.

Begin with one scarf, throwing it from one hand and catching it with the other. Next have the children try two scarves. Throw one scarf with the right hand, and then throw the other scarf with the left hand. Catch the right thrown scarf with the left hand, and catch the left thrown scarf with the right hand.

Instruct the children to concentrate first on proper throwing; the catching will come on its own. When they can complete 10 successful throws and catches, they can try adding a third scarf.

Start with two scarves in the right hand and alternate: throw right, throw left, throw right, catch left, throw left, catch right.

Visual demonstrations are very helpful. Another student, the teacher, or a video can be used to demonstrate juggling.

Help individual students by holding their arms and manipulating them in the rhythmic pattern necessary. Students become an "official juggler" once they can do 10 successful cascade throws and catches. Encourage the students not to give up.

If scarves are not available, use beanbags or small balls. (Special juggling balls are available from most sport suppliers.) Once the children feel successful, they can work with a partner on the following:

  • A scarf exchange
  • A game where one person tries to take away the other person's scarf
  • A contest to see who can juggle the longest.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Scarves are tossed and caught with fewer and fewer scarves falling to the floor.

A journal entry could be used to record the number of successful tries.

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