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Classroom Helpers - Outcome C (7-9)-4

Students in physical education classes should practice the skills involved in being good leaders and good followers. As students become comfortable with the routines in a class, they can take on certain leadership tasks.

Every week, post a list on the locker room door or on a bulletin board in the gymnasium, outlining the tasks each student will perform. These tasks can include leading a warmup, getting equipment out, or teaching a skill. After each week, all students will complete a self-assessment form to reflect on their leadership skills and if appropriate, to comment on the response of their classmates. For example, if the student was leading a warmup, did the class listen attentively and follow directions? Were the directions clear?

If the student's job included cleaning the equipment room, they could be asked about the amount of direction they needed to complete the task. Did they demonstrate initiative and work with very little direction?

Provide a self-evaluation sheet for each student.

Leadership: Sample Job Schedule

Students can sign up for duties in each unit. They must rotate through all the jobs, such as equipment distribution, warmup, and clean up.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students are able to lead warmups and cool downs that include appropriate actions and activities. Students can set up and take down the equipment.

Students who are not leading are able to follow their peer leader's directions.

Students can monitor their leadership skills and accurately describe their efforts in a self-assessment.

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