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Parachute Exchange - Outcome C (K-3)-3

Parachute Activities

Arrange the children so that they are evenly spaced, standing around a parachute. They should have an overhand grip, with thumbs under, and four fingers over the parachute. On the teacher's signal, everyone lifts the parachute as high as they can over their heads and holds it up for a few seconds.

As the parachute is rising, the teacher calls out a specific criteria that will apply to some students in the class. If it applies, those students move under the parachute to assume a new spot in another location. Students should always try to find a new spot that is not immediately adjacent to their previous position.

Sample criteria:

  • Oldest in the family
  • Youngest in the family
  • Blue eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes
  • Black hair, brown hair, blond hair, red hair
  • Those who own a dog, a cat, a bird
  • Those who are wearing glasses, ponytail, ear pierced. The list could go on forever. Children must be honest and move only when the criterion applies to them.

Number the children off and call out numbers. E.g., All even numbers move.

Call out letters of the alphabet. Have the children run when the letter their name starts with is called.

Ask the children for their ideas for the exchange.

Do simple addition questions. Students can run if the number of the answer is in their phone number.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students are smiling and laughing during the activity. Positive comments can be heard. Students are honest about when they should be participating in the exchange.

The parachute is handled in a controlled manner and not pulled roughly.

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