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Modified Floor Hockey - Outcome C (K-3)-5


After working on skills such as stick handling, shooting, and dribbling, children can try the following activity.

Floor Hockey Type Sequence

Organize the children into groups of four. Each group has two pylons and one felt puck, beanbag, or dead bounce ball.

Each group develops their own specific floor hockey type game using the following criteria:

  • Players must follow stick handling rules (no high sticking).
  • Players must work together as a group.
  • Players must have a target or a goal, and points must be awarded.

All children will share the space in the gym as cooperatively as possible. If students are playing two vs. two, then teams must be reorganized if any team ever leads by three points or more.

This activity can be applied to any modified team game. Encourage students to adapt any rules to fit their needs and skill levels.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students can:

  • Keep their sticks down.
  • Listen to other players' ideas.
  • Share space well.
  • Share the puck or ball with others.

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