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Personal Goals - Outcome D (10-30)-6

Personal Goals

On the first class of Physical Education 30, introduce the course content to the students by giving them an outline including assessment strategies. Discuss all the activities planned and ask for feedback on what they hope to gain from taking this course. Ask for their input on activity choices.

Physical Education 30 is the last level of physical education. Each student is required to set short term and long term goals, keeping in mind the content of the course. Ask the students to begin brainstorming and sharing some of their ideas.

Short term goals should be met by midcourse or by the end of the course. Long term goals could include how Physical Education 30 will lead to future directions related to physical activity in their lives. This might include what they hope to learn or gain that will benefit them in later life.

Both short- and long-term goals will be required in writing very early in the course, and must be handed in for future reference. The goal setting will be reviewed at midterm for revision, and again at the end of the semester for a final evaluation and analysis by the teacher and/or student.

Have the students keep a journal with comments on goals set and reached on a daily basis. This could also be done verbally at the end of each class during a cool down.

Students could set a goal related to each activity offered and then reflect on the goal following each activity.

If there is an opportunity to team teach or combine activities, students could be given a choice of units within each dimension. They would choose activities from each dimension based on availability of instructors and facilities. Students register for each week on the first day of class.


Block 1
Mrs. X Mr.Y

Wk 1

Wk 2

Wk 3


Strength Training

Team Handball




These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students set challenging yet realistic goals and evaluate and revise them on a regular basis.

Students are able to see the benefit of setting short- and long-term goals. This is reflected in comments in their logbooks.


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