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The Extra Mile - Outcome D (7-9)-1

At the beginning of each report term, students receive a log sheet that is used to record extra hours of activity outside physical education class.

The Extra Mile Worksheet

If students are on a team or take lessons, they record the number of practice hours and game play hours they have accumulated, and have their coaches or instructors sign the form. Parents also sign the form to confirm participation.

If students are active with their family or peers, a parent signs the form attesting to the number of hours the student participated in an activity. All activity is to be respected and recorded. For example, a student delivering papers (using in-line skates or walking) is participating in an active lifestyle.Shovelling the walks or chopping wood is part of an active lifestyle.

Students submit the forms to the teacher in their logbooks with a summary of their activities and how they felt about their activity level during the term.

A discussion about personal preferences will help students who see sport as the only vehicle for active living understand that there are many ways to be active.

Ask students to identify ways that their involvement with physical activity benefits their lives.


These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students are submitting forms that attest to their commitment to active living outside school hours.

Students can list the benefits of being physically active.

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