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Yoga Na Love It! - Outcome D (7- 9)-6

Start the unit/lesson by introducing the history of yoga. The Internet has many resources and information that is current. Ask a yoga instructor to come in for an introductory lesson or lessons or ask the local yoga club for a video or a club presentation.

As a class, students will learn some basic postures in yoga and be able to perform a set routine by the end of the unit. However, each student will set a personal challenge to complete other routines or to create their own routine. Students can pair up or form small groups if other students would like to attain the same goal/stage.

Students will either perform the stages in front of the class as a presentation or prepare a yoga video to be used by other members in the class or for future use.

Yoga Positions

Ask students to create a routine and teach it to another class as a stress management technique (e.g., go into the grade 6 class to teach a short routine of five poses).

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students create a personal goal to perform a set number of poses.

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