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Family Tree - Outcome D (7-9)-8

Have the students interview family members and summarize factors that have influenced their family's activity patterns. Using this information, students will be able to discover why their own family has chosen physical activity for life or what has hindered their progress.

Give each student a template of a family tree. As a homework assignment, have the students interview their immediate family members (mother, father, siblings) to find out what choices they have made in their pursuit of physical activity. For example, a sister may have danced for six years but no longer participates, as she cannot find the time with her busy high school schedule and part time job. The student's father may curl on weekends and ski with the family twice a year.

Sample Family Tree

The student completes the family tree and summarizes the factors that have influenced the activity levels of family members. Using this family tree and information, the student creates a personal goal statement. This could describe how the student would overcome the barriers that have prevented the family from being active, or how to continue the level of activity that the family pursues.

Have classmates brainstorm barriers to physical activity they perceive in their families. Discuss how these barriers could be overcome, and how other families have overcome similar barriers.

Create a list of all of the different physical activities shown in all the students' family trees.

Identify any special or unique activities some of the family members may have participated in, and invite these individuals to the class to discuss their participation.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Students are able to identify why their family members are active or inactive.

Students create a plan to encourage their own activity for life.

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