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Creative Playground - Outcome D (K-3)-5

Jumping Vertically

Rat and Phil on Fundamental Skills

Most schools have some type of creative playground or playground equipment. Talk to the children about what types of movement are possible on the equipment (moving over, under, through, climbing, jumping, sliding, hanging, balancing).

As children move on the equipment, talk about safety considerations in various parts of the playground such as:

  • Climb up the stairs, not up the slide.
  • Jump down only if there is open space below.
  • Wait your turn.
  • Don't push or shove other children.

Call out word tasks for children to do while on the equipment such as:

  • Move over.
  • Hop on one foot.
  • Hang by the hands.
  • Jump to a two foot landing.
  • Travel while attached to a partner.

Organize the students into groups of three. Have them create an obstacle course that contains specific challenges. For example, each course could include:

  • Going over something.
  • Going under something.
  • A hanging action.

More challenges can be added for older children with more advanced skill levels.

Playground Safety

After completing the activity, have the children play another game to reinforce safe practices on the equipment and to teach to younger children.

These are clues that you have reached the outcomes ...

Have the children draw a picture of themselves playing safely on their favorite part of the playground. Invite them to share and explain the picture with other students, the teacher, or parents.

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