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Three Keys - Outcome B (10-12)-3

Make sure your students understand the three components of fitness (muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance) by participating in activities that concentrate on these three areas. During the activities, incorporate the "FITT" formula into your discussion.

Talk about the Frequency required for this type of activity.
Talk about the Intensity required.
Talk about the Time required during each session.
Talk about the Type of movement.

At the end of the class handout the "FITT" (improved heart health, muscle strength) tip sheets to each student. Ask them to develop a training program that follows the guidelines of the FITT formula.

1. For Phys Ed 20 and 30 have students add the principles of progression, overload and overload specificity to their muscular endurance training program.
2. Have students develop a fitness plan for themselves and for "clients". This client could be a family member or a friend but not a peer from their class. Students should monitor their progress over a period of three months, adjusting the plan as necessary to achieve results.

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