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Valuing Physical Activity - Outcome B (10-12)-7

This activity has been reproduced from the Canadian Active Living Challenge. Contact the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance at 1-800-663-8708 for ordering information.

Use the "Common Reasons for Not Moving" sheet to review some of the barriers to physical activity. After this discussion, have a debate on the following topic or on a related topic of your choice.

Is physical activity becoming an important part of Canadian culture?

Divide participants into small groups of three or four. Have the groups imagine how a typical day will be spent 20 years from now. Groups can list and report their ideas to the rest of the class. Encourage them to look at trends over time to help with their predictions (e.g., cycling - the move from racing bikes to mountain bikes, cycle-commuting, trends in running and aerobics). Follow the reports with a discussion about how technology could affect physical activity patterns of the future.

In pairs, students can use the "Activity Interview" sheet to conduct an informal survey among young people in the community. The interview could also be done with parents and/or grandparents/seniors to examine how physical activity patterns change over time.

Forms generously provided from the Canadian Active Living Challenge by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

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