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Outcome B (4-6)- 3

Total fitness level relates to several components: cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. In grade four, your students need to experience movement that involves all of these components. By grade six, students should be able to explain the components and relate them to their individual fitness level.

Here are some examples of activities that concentrate on specific components of fitness. You can incorporate these activities throughout your class, year or program.

1. Run to the Front - Outcome B (4-6)-3 (Cardiorespiratory endurance focus)

Use cones or markers to set off a 200 metre course (oval, square, and round). This is roughly a course marked out around a soccer field. Group students into groups of 4 or 6.

The leader starts the group around the course walking; when the whistle blows the person at the back runs to the front and changes the method of travel (hop, skip, jump, slide, backwards walking). Continue the circuit until everyone has had a chance to be the leader.

Try movements that are more difficult or less difficult depending on your students' ability and interests.

Vary the area or terrain used for travelling. Eventually your signal won't be necessary and the students can proceed at their own pace. Each person should have a turn to lead in the 10-minute exercise.

(See how you just met a Cooperation outcome!)

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