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Chews and Moves - Outcome B (7-9)-1

As a homework assignment, have your students keep a log of what they eat and the physical activities they usually do for a period of time (up to a week). Use the log forms (daily nutrition, physical activity) available on this site (copy the two forms onto one, double-sided sheet) or create your own.

Make sure students record how they felt during the activity.

Ask the students if they felt they had made appropriate food choices in relation to the Canada's Food Guide to Healthy eating, for their activity level. Have them suggest improvements to their food choices. Also ask students to reflect on their activity level. Was it appropriate? (20 to 30 accumulated minutes of activity each day). Have students investigate Internet sites that give the nutritional information and caloric breakdown of food.

Have the students estimate their activity habits using total minutes of activity per day (low = 20 or less, moderate =21 to 40, intensive = 41 or more). Students will determine an eating plan they think will meet the energy requirements for their level of activity, but that also provides the nutritional requirements for peak performance. (Sure a chocolate bar has the energy to get you through a sprint, but how will you feel when the sugar rush runs out?)

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