Information on Alberta's Curriculum

One of the reasons Alberta has a world-class learning system is that we have a centralized high quality curriculum that outlines what students are expected to learn, and be able to do in all subjects and Grades. Curriculum is reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of Alberta students and changes are made only to keep curriculum current and relevant. Curriculum changes follow a long period of consultation with teachers, principals, administrators, post-secondary institutions and others.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Alberta's curriculum is developed to ensure that it meets the needs of Alberta students, now and in the future.
  • Teachers play an important role in developing curriculum as well as learning and teaching resources.
  • The majority of textbooks and other teaching resources used in Alberta schools are developed in Canada.

Curriculum & Resources

My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource
Find a summary of what students are expected to learn and be able to do – designed specifically for parents.

Alberta High School Diploma Requirements
A student must earn 100 credits in order to graduate from high school in Alberta. Parents and students should discuss high school requirements with a school counselor.

Technology in Alberta's Learning System
Alberta is a leader in learning technology, both in integration and application to support our education community and benefit learners. Find out more information on the use of technology in our learning system.

Curriculum Development & Implementation
Information on how Alberta's curriculum is developed and implemented.

Learning Resources
Information on a variety of learning resources that are available to support Alberta's curriculum.

Connection: Information for Teachers
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