Role of Students

Learning will open doors to oportunity as you take advantage of Alberta's education system.  You can find tools and resources to help you achieve your educational goals within this website.

Consider the benefits of working together with your parents, teachers and classmates in preparing yourself for future learning and career opportunities.   

We Can Stop Bullying
How you can help prevent bullying.

Common Questions from Students

Tips for Students from the ALIS website:

Speak Out – Alberta Student Engagement Initiative
The Speak Out – Alberta Student Engagement Initiative has been launched to encourage Alberta high school students to speak out about their education and become actively involved in assisting government to strengthen and enrich the province’s education system.  Key to the success of the student engagement initiative is the interactive Speak Out website which features moderated discussion boards on various topics, 24/7.  The website also provides a wealth of information for students and describes how they can apply to the council or the conference.