Teaching in Alberta

CERTIFICATION – Alberta Education

To teach in the Alberta Education system, all teachers must hold valid teaching authority prior to commencement of employment with a school authority.

The Minister of Education is responsible for the issuance of teaching authority in Alberta in accordance with the Certification of Teachers Regulation.  The Minister appoints a Registrar who, as Executive Director of Teaching & Leadership Excellence in Alberta Education, is responsible for the evaluation of credentials and issuance of certification for teachers in Alberta.

All applicants for Alberta certification must declare that they are able and committed to applying the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attributes toward student learning as described by the Teaching Quality Standard Ministerial Order.  They must also commit to teaching practice and professional growth in keeping the Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy. 

Alberta has two levels of teacher certification:

  • The Interim Professional Certificate is the initial certificate issued to all applicants who meet the requirements as outlined in the Regulation.  The Interim Professional Certificate is valid for a period of three years.  Once expired, Interim Professional Certificates may be re-issued upon receipt of a recommendation from a school authority.
  • The Permanent Professional Certificate is issued upon receipt of a recommendation from a school authority attesting that:
    • The teacher has completed 2 years of successful teaching; and
    • The teacher has had two evaluations based on the knowledge, skills and attributes for permanent certification outlined in the Teaching Quality Standard.

SALARY ASSESSMENTS – Alberta Teachers' Association

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) is the professional organization of teachers, and through the Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) evaluates credentials for salary purposes.

  • Teacher Qualifications Service does not issue salary assessments until teaching authority has been issued by Alberta Education so you must first apply for certification.
  • Official documentation must be provided to both Teaching & Leadership Excellence and Teacher Qualifications Service.  Applicants with original, irreplaceable documents should submit them to Teaching & Leadership Excellence first and then to Teacher Qualification Service.
  • Any inquiries regarding salary assessments should be directed to the Teacher Qualifications Service at 780-447-9400 or 1-800-232-7208 or visit their website at ATA-Teacher Qualifications Service.

Note:  The Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) of the Alberta Teacher's Association or the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) do not determine eligibility for Alberta teacher certification.


School Authorities in Alberta offer teaching contracts to teachers.  School authorities include public, separate, francophone, charter, private and band.

Requirements for Alberta Interim Professional Certification

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