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Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

The HRH cluster focuses on a vast array of challenging and rewarding careers in health care, community supports, recreation, cosmetology, food services, tourism and law.

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    Information for the HRH apprenticeship courses Cook (CKA) and Hairstylist (HSA) can be found on the Apprenticeship page.

  • Community Care Services (CCS) – Students experience volunteering and developing skills for community-based services in a variety of settings. revised.gif[CCS3050, CCS3060, CCS3070 – new 2011]
    CCS Course Summaries
  • Cosmetology (COS) – Students learn the various skills involved in the cosmetology trade, such as haircutting, texturizing, colouring and styling. revised.gif[COS1010, COS2000, COS3000, COS3010 – revised 2011]
    COS Course Summaries
  • DRAFT Criminal Justice Studies (CJS)NewStudents prepare for occupations within Canada's criminal justice system, such as police officers, customs officers, crime analysts, youth justice workers or security guards. These courses can only be offered through a partnership with a participating post-secondary institution.
  • Esthetics (EST) – Students specialize in skin care and treatments, including facials, cosmetic make-up services, hair removal, massage and nail art.
    EST Course Summaries
  • Foods (FOD)Students examine the role of food, looking beyond consumption to production, visual appreciation, nutrition, meal planning, economics and preparation.New[FOD3900 – new 2015]
    FOD Course Summaries
  • Health Care Aide (HCA) New– Students prepare to work as an unregulated health care aide in a variety of care settings such as continuing care, community living and stable acute care and in mental health programs. These courses can only be offered through a partnership with a post-secondary institution that has received licensing from Alberta Health to provide the Health Care Aide credential.
    HCA Course Summaries New
    HCA Pathways Mapping New
    HCA Sample Assessment New
    Health Care Services (HCS) – Students  prepare for medical careers by examining the anatomy and function of the body systems. Develop first aid, CPR and occupational safety skills necessary for careers in emergency response.
    HCS Course Summaries
  • Human & Social Services (HSS) – Students learn about occupations related to wellness, human development, family support, and professional standards and ethics.
    HSS Course Summaries
  • Legal Studies (LGS) – Students become familiar with the influence, impact and complexities of the law in daily life.
    LGS Course Summaries
  • Recreation Leadership (REC) – Students  develop skills useful for coaching, fitness leadership, sport performance, athletic therapy and leading recreational activities.revised.gif  
    REC Course Summaries
    REC Existing to New
  • Tourism (TOU) revised.gif – Students look at the impact of tourism in Alberta and around the world, and develop knowledge and skills required for the tourism industry.
    TOU Course Summaries revised.gif