English Language Arts

Guide to Implementation

Senior High School English Language Arts (2003) 

The Senior High School English Language Arts Guide to Implementation is intended to help interpret the learning outcomes contained in the Program of Studies for Senior High School English Language Arts, 2003, and it provides information about how to help students achieve and demonstrate these outcomes.

The Guide is in portable document format (PDF) and has been subdivided by section for downloading and printing, or the Guide can be downloaded in its entirety. (4.8 mb)

Guide by Section
Title Page and Publication Data pp. i–ii (17 kb)
Acknowledgements pp. iii–viii (27 kb)
Table of Contents pp. ix–x (14 kb)
Introduction pp. 1–2 (23 kb)
Planning and Assessment
     Unit Planning pp. 3–22 (120 kb)
     Assessment pp. 23–34 (59 kb)
     Responding to Text and Context pp. 35–54 (200 kb)
     Using Film in the Classroom pp. 55–102 (396 kb)
     Choosing Resources pp. 103–110 (41 kb)
     Meeting Student Needs pp. 111–136 (124 kb)
Achieving the ELA Outcomes for Senior High School
     Suggestions for Instruction and Assessment
pp. 137–140 (47 kb)
     – General Outcome 1 pp. 141–182 (495 kb)
     – General Outcome 2 pp. 183–238 (952 kb)
     – General Outcome 3 pp. 239–288 (415 kb)
     – General Outcome 4 pp. 289–348 (651 kb)
     – General Outcome 5 pp. 349–384 (552 kb)
Appendices Table of Contents pp. 385–388 (36 kb)
Appendix A: Unit Planning Tools, Ideas and Examples pp. 389–432 (265 kb)
Appendix B: Assessment Tools, Scoring Guides and Student Planning Forms pp. 433–474 (185 kb)
Appendix C: Cross-referencing of Specific
Outcomes in the ICT and Senior High ELA Programs of Study
pp. 475–496 (88 kb)
Appendix D: Charts for Comparison of Course Specific Outcomes pp. 497–532 (208 kb)
Resource Lists pp. 533–563 (171 kb)

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