Health / Career and Life Management

Health and Life Skills Guide to Implementation

Kindergarten to Grade 9 

The aim of the Health and Life Skills Kindergarten to Grade 9 Program of Studies is to enable students to make well-informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviours that contribute to the well-being of self and others.

This Guide to Implementation is a resource to support teachers with implementation of the program. The guide contains information on comprehensive school health, establishing a positive learning environment, planning, instructional strategies, and assessment. The guide also contains illustrative examples that offer sample learning and assessment activities for each specific learner outcome. Selected outcomes also have supporting Student Information and Student Activity Masters. A number of Teacher Planning Tools are also provided.

This guide is in portable document formation (.pdf) and is divided into sections. See page numbers and file size information for downloading and printing. The Teacher Planning Tools section is also available in Word version. Click here for the complete guide (6.1 mb). 

Guide to Implementation by Section
Title Page and Publication Data (33 kb)
Preface p. i (7 kb)
Acknowledgements pp. iii–viii (24 kb)
Table of Contents pp. ix–xvi (27 kb)
Program of Studies pp. 1–28 (250 kb)
Comprehensive School Health pp. 29–34 (25 kb)
Establish a Positive Climate pp. 35–44 (32 kb)
Plan for Instruction pp. 45–66 (112 kb)
Instructional Strategies pp. 67–114 (298 kb)
Assess, Evaluate and Communicate Student Learning pp. 115–136 (136 kb)
Illustrative Examples pp. 137–140 (31 kb)
Kindergarten pp. 141–186 (334 kb)
Grade 1 pp. 187–218 (272 kb)
Grade 2 pp. 219–256 (280 kb)
Grade 3 pp. 257–304 (358 kb)
Grade 4 pp. 305–364 (399 kb)
Grade 5 pp. 365–414 (330 kb)
Grade 6 pp. 415–462 (317 kb)
Grade 7 pp. 463–516 (346 kb)
Grade 8 pp. 517–568 (341 kb)
Grade 9 pp. 569–622 (344 kb)
Selected Bibliography pp. 623–632 (47 kb)
Appendix A – Teacher Planning Tools   (MS Word Version) pp. A.1–A.24 (119 kb)
Appendix B – Student Information Masters pp. B.1–B.66 (1.57 mb)
Appendix C – Student Activity Masters pp. C.1–C.48 (264 kb)
Feedback p. D.1 (16 kb)

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