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Literacy is acquiring, creating, connecting and communicating meaning in a wide variety of contexts.
and numeracy
Numeracy is the confidence and habits of mind to engage with, critically assess, reflect upon and apply quantitative and spatial information when making judgments and decisions or taking action in all aspects of daily living.
are foundational to successful learning and living. They are life-long and active processes that begin at birth and develop throughout one’s lifetime. Literacy and numeracy enable individuals to reach their full potential, achieve a better quality of life, and contribute to their communities. To discover and make meaning of an increasingly complex and evolving world, students need the confidence and habits of mind to acquire, create, connect and communicate information in a variety of contexts, going beyond the basic skills of reading, writing and solving simple arithmetic problems.  

Literacy and numeracy are a shared responsibility. Alberta Education works with partners to ensure that students develop the literacy and numeracy awareness, knowledge and understanding and strategies they need to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.  

As part of the vision of Inspiring Education, Alberta Education is moving forward with Curriculum Redesign, which involves developing new curriculum (programs of study, resources and assessment) for Kindergarten to Grade 12 that will be built on a foundation of literacy and numeracy. Literacy and numeracy benchmarks will be an integral part of curriculum and will enable teachers to better determine individual student needs and help support more personalized learning. 


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