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The following resource links may be of interest to students, parents and educators.

Provides quality digital learning and teaching resources correlated to Alberta Education’s kindergarten to Grade 12 programs of study.

Mental Health Matters
Teaching resource supporting mental health for children and youth.

Online Tools and Resources
Specialized online tools and resources

Accountability Pillar
The Accountability Pillar of the Renewed Funding Framework was developed to assess school jurisdiction performance on a common set of measures.

Copyright Matters! Some Key Questions & Answers for Teachers (3rd edition) (français)
Practical information for teachers on their rights and responsibilities with regard to the use of copyright-protected materials in educational institutions. This version of the Copyright Matters! booklet supersedes all previous versions. More copyright resources and information available here.

Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI)
The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement provides funding, above and beyond basic school grants, to all school authorities in the province. This funding flows to specific local initiatives and research. The goal of the initiative is to improve student learning and performance.

Authorized Resources Database
A searchable online index of every approved educational resource for use in each subject area. Includes the Western Canadian Protocol approved resources.

Curriculum Coordinator Corner
This is a quick reference site that supports program, curriculum and resource implementation in Alberta and provides follow-up information from zone curriculum coordinator meetings.

Guide to International School Partnerships (Français version)
This resource can help interested schools locate partners and plan effective learning partnerships.  

Provincial Testing
Information about achievement tests and diploma examinations.

Technology Resources
Find information about technology in schools, Alberta SuperNet, Learning Technologies Branch, etc.

Vision Education Alberta
Alberta students with vision loss can now access online resources, training and support through one window.

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)
The ALIS website is a provincial gateway to career, learning and employment information and services. It is provided through a provincial government partnership of Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry, Alberta Education, and Alberta Advanced Education and Technology.

2Learn.ca Education Society 
An educational alliance that provides inservice, opportunities for telecollaboration, online tools and resources, and mentorship for Alberta teachers.

Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Basic Education
The WCP section gives all of the details on the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol initiative.

Media Awareness Network
This Web site includes Web Awareness/La toile et les jeunes resources for teachers, parents and librarians to support them in addressing the new challenges and issues that arise as children and young people go on the Internet. It provides tips for reducing the risks in the classroom.